Pianistic biography

Born in Brasov, she began studying piano at the age of 5 in Lisa, the Transylvanian village of her grandparents. Continuing as a student of the music school and high school in Brasov, she excels both in piano competitions and Olympics, as well as in literary creation, foreign languages ​​and general culture. In 1998, she was admitted without examination at the Faculty of Music in Brasov, the class Prof. Corina Ibănescu, where she graduated one year with maximum marks and a merit scholarship.


Inspired by obtaining a scholarship for the summer program of the Krems Music Academy in 1998, she took a decisive step in 1999 and settled in Austria, after being admitted to the University of Music in Vienna. The distinguished pianist and teacher Noel Flores guided her in his piano class and honored her with his friendship until the end of his life in 2012.


Between 1986-2005, Adriana Paler won 27 awards at competitions in Romania, Austria, Italy and Switzerland; of these, 11 prizes I, 8 special prizes and twice the Grand Prize.


Adriana obtained her bachelor's degree in 2005 and her master's degree in October 2007. She continued her postgraduate studies with Prof. Flores between 2007-2009.


She took part in courses taught by Alexis Weissenberg (Weimar, Engelberg), Pawel Gililow (Krems) and Gabriel Tacchino (Luxembourg); and is being led by Elisabeta Leonskaja since 2014.

She enrolls in doctoral courses at the University of Music in Vienna, in musicology and musical aesthetics, with Dr. Gerold Gruber as professor. Between 2015-2018 she specialized in music pedagogy at the same university, in Prof. Inci Häusler-Altinok's class.


She has received numerous scholarships, such as those from the Dr. Robert und Lina Thyll-Dürr Swiss Foundation, the Tokyo Foundation and the Austrian Ministry of Education and Culture.


She has performed recitals and concerts in Romania, Austria (including Konzerthaus Vienna), Hungary (where she performed Kurtag for Kurtag, at his anniversary concert in Budapest, in May 2016), Germany, Italy, France, England, Cuba, Switzerland, Croatia, Portugal, Luxembourg. Her music was recorded in different live concerts, for example at the final concert of the training courses in Engelberg, Switzerland; in the ORF (radio studios) in Vienna, as a first prize winner for the interpretation of the classical Viennese repertoire (August 2005); in Mannheim (2008) or in the Romanian Athenaeum (November 2015).


In 2010, with the help of the German foundation PE Förderkreis in Mannheim, she fulfilled her dream of playing on a Steinway & Sons concert piano chosen by two personalities who deeply marked her love for music: Mihaela Ursuleasa and Noel Flores.

Pedagogic and academic activity

Adriana is an active presence in the administration of the Vienna University of Music, receiving various positions in the Austrian Student Association, the Study Commission and the University Senate. She was also the main organizer of the "SYLFF Network for music and arts Vienna" association, under the tutelage of the Tokyo Foundation.


Between October and December 2008, Adriana Paler gave piano and music theory courses at the Faculty of Music in Brasov, under the tutelage of the Austrian Research Society in Vienna, as a fellow of the European scientific cooperation program MOEL Plus. Supported by the same program follows a research internship in collaboration with the National University of Music in Bucharest during April-July 2011.


Since September 2015, Adriana has been teaching piano at the Wagram Music School and High School, Austria. Her students won prizes at the national competition Prima la musica 2016.

Society, charity, environment legacy

Adriana is persistently involved in organizing charity concerts and projects that bring music closer to the people who need it: in hospitals, nursing homes, children's homes and neighborhoods for immigrants.


Since 2014 she is the president of the association "Verein für Musik und Kunst Wien - Vienna for Network, Science and Music and Arts Vienna", an organisation that promotes educational concerts for young audiences in Austria and abroad, focusing on social integration and cultural development.

She also acts as financial advisor at, an Austrian non-profit student initiative founded by her son Andrei, which actively promotes climate action and improvement.

© 2016 by Adriana Paler. Foto credits: Julia Wesely.

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